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High Impact + Social Media

Announcing our new partnership with Spaceback

Undertone is excited to announce our partnership with Spaceback, the first platform to deliver the engagement of social with the efficiencie...



Content meets distribution at scale

Content meets distribution at scale As we move into 2020, digital audiences are savvier than ever.  Brands need to provide a more meanin...


Influencer Marketing

What does Instagram’s ‘like ban’ mean for influencers?

Instagram has started hiding likes in certain countries to address the growing concerns over mental health issues for users who are practica...


Contextual + Programmatic

Contextual in Programmatic: a Key Missing Piece?

“Right person, right message, right time” was always what many in digital advertising considered the “Holy Grail”. With all the a...



Spotlight On: Bernice Ho

Each month we feature a different employee who exemplifies the Undertone spirit. This month, the spotlight is on Bernice Ho.   A...


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