Beyond December 25: Why Retailers Need to Focus on Post-Holiday Shopping

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While the holiday shopping season is top-of-mind for everyone, smart retailers are thinking a little further ahead and taking post-holiday time into account as well. According to ShopperTrak, the day after Christmas is the fifth-busiest day of the year for shopping traffic – and the seventh highest in sales. Finding post-holiday bargains is a tradition and passion for many shoppers, so digital marketers need to take advantage of this key time.

First, let’s look at what consumers are purchasing in the post-holiday period. Top sources of spending in January are:

  • Fitness Equipment. A popular New Year’s resolution for many is to get in shape.
  • Winter Apparel. Winter clothing deals remain good buys through January.
  • Home Furniture. January is a good time to purchase old inventory, before new collections are released.
  • Electronics. Previous-generation devices will see new price cuts.

Now for specific tactics for retailers and marketers to consider:




The takeaway: the holidays are huge, but the post-holiday period can also be extremely significant for retailers. Great visuals, smart targeting, and customized offers can go a long way in helping your digital marketing efforts close the deal for bargain-hungry post-holiday shoppers.


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