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At this year’s VentureFuel Innovation Brew, elite brand marketers, advertising executives, and technology experts came together to discuss the ways in which emerging technologies are shaping the future of advertising. With President Mike Palled in the moderator’s seat, Undertone had the privilege of hosting a panel featuring representatives from Nectar9, Adludio, ROAM, and Ownzones. As some of today’s most innovative tech-focused companies, they offered insights into the evolution of social media, AI, measuring success, and more. Below are some of the key takeaways from the panel, “Tomorrow’s Video & Storytelling Technologies.”


The Social Media Landscape is Changing as we Speak

The future of social media and social media marketing is evolving and expanding rapidly. There will be greater international expansion, an increase in social ad formats, and more use of AI for targeting.

And while these platforms grow, they are becoming more intelligent about how content is distributed: less crude, less noise, less waste, more efficient, and more refined. And with these enhancements comes better creative, which leads to more relevant conversations between brands and consumers. These changes signify that it’s time not only to focus on creative but focusing on the right creative for the right person.


AI is Changing the Way We Market

The power of social media is the ability to find the niche audiences where your messages will most resonate. This is a major departure from traditional broadcast media where campaigns are built around the idea of resonating with as big an audience as possible. Social’s targeting abilities are fantastic, but they are also complex—a complexity best managed by AI. To fully utilize the power of social platforms, you can create cascading campaigns that allow for maximum reach, engagement, and results, which of course also leads to an increase in errors. AI will take on a strong role when it comes to complex campaign orchestration, allowing for far more sophisticated campaigns than those that could be run or even set up manually.

As AI use grows, brands and agencies are going to need more creatives than they realize. Creative teams and AI will be the ultimate partnership, with creatives doing what they do best and AI matching the right messages with the right audiences—potentially millions of small audiences— at the right time with a personalized message.


The Difficulties in Measuring Social Success

As with any advertising campaign, understanding the balance among reach, engagement, and concrete results (traffic, conversions, etc.) is key. It’s best to measure a social campaign across all three fronts. For a story to be effective, it needs to reach the right audience at the right frequency. On social, it also needs to evoke engagement, whether that is measured in likes, shares, or comments. The story should compel the users to take some action, whether that’s visiting a website, buying something, providing a lead, etc. Any serious campaign should be measuring all of these things and demand their social programs to report and measure against them as well.
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