Multicultural Marketing in 2018: Exciting Opportunities Still Abound for Brands in this Growing Demographic

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As we prepare for this year’s Portada NYC conference—one of the largest multicultural-focused conferences in the industry—I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to reflect on the importance of diversity in the world of digital advertising and creativity.

Beyond the multitude of benefits in terms of representation, inclusion, and diversity of viewpoints, prioritizing multicultural creative is not only a boon to brands, it is a necessity. Targeting multicultural audiences online is a business imperative across all categories; this rapidly growing demographic offers brands an amazing opportunity for new business and new clients. In fact, multicultural audiences interact with online advertising at higher rates than the general market—and even more so in the all-important mobile sphere. They’re also spending at a higher rate than any other demographic. Clearly, this is a segment to be taken seriously.

The panel I will be moderating on stage, with Chief Digital Investment Officer of GroupM Susan Schiekofer, will be centered on the importance of inventory quality and brand safety. While these are topics highly pertinent to the industry as a whole, they play an integral and often undervalued role in multicultural advertising. While multicultural budgets are increasing, their growth is not reflective of the rate at which Hispanic and other multicultural communities are now active in the market. Hispanic spending is growing faster than non-Hispanic expenditure, with CPG sales in 2017 of + 1.0% YoY vs. only + 0.3% growth from Non-Hispanics (Nielsen Target Track). Additionally, Hispanic people now account for 50% of the entire U.S. population growth (Simmons Research). As brand spending for this important demographic rises to meet demand, it’s crucial that attention to quality and brand safety is not lost. In order to make sure that these new and expanding budgets are being used effectively, creative must be shown to the right person at the right time, in the right, safe, environment.

At Undertone, we have amazing bilingual, bicultural strategy and creative teams in order to help support our clients in the booming multicultural market. Led by our Directors of Multicultural Strategy, Victor Cornejo and Oscar Leon Walker, our multicultural marketing teams have helped bring to life incredibly effective cross-cultural campaigns for brands like BMW, Avocados of Mexico, Toyota, and the U.S. Army. Our multicultural work has been so successful because we leverage the same skills and expertise we’ve developed over the last 17 years and apply them to this market. Our multicultural marketing teams work to ensure your brand is reaching this key population in the most effective way possible.

If you are going to be at Portada NYC on September 25, be sure to say hi to our team members and find out how your brand could be better reaching this important, growing demographic. I look forward to seeing you there.


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