The Game Changer: Nielsen Strengthens Cross-Platform Advertising Opportunities

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Earlier this week, Nielsen stopped by our offices to officially introduce its latest targeting solution to our team.  As one of the six partners selected to launch Nielson Online Audiences – TV Viewing, we got an in-depth look at some of the most relevant use-cases that’ll enable advertisers to effectively connect their online and TV advertising efforts.

But first, it’s important to note Nielsen’s differentiated approach to expanding targetable audiences online based on TV viewing habits. Nielsen segments collect data from a recruited panel of TV viewers (which are first fused to Nielsen Online panelists), not set top box data.

This approach provides a few key benefits that advertisers should be aware of, including 1) it reflects TV viewership habits of individuals as opposed to households, 2) it only accounts for TV programs that viewers have confirmed they are watching, and 3) it alleviates privacy concerns due to the fact that panelists are recruited with the understanding that they are sharing viewership information.

So, now the fun stuff… we discussed a few prime examples of how this solution could, and should, be used.

  1. Tune-in: Entertainment clients will be able to use the targeting tactic to promote TV shows to audiences online that are likely to have an interest in their shows based on reported attributes and behavior. 
  2. Reach extension: This gives advertisers ways to extend the reach of their TV campaigns by targeting consumers who may not have seen their ad on TV (i.e. target audiences who watch a particular genre of TV programs but on their DVR).
  3. Frequency extension: By targeting heavy TV viewers of certain programming or TV genre, advertisers can amplify cross-media frequency to reach consumers who are likely to have already seen a brand’s TV ad.

We’re excited to be a part of Nielsen’s launch and looking forward to share insights on the increased impact advertisers can have when they optimize digital media spend by tying TV and online efforts together.


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